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A Unique Approach for Unique Needs

At Groupe LDL, we ask questions to understand your reality and your needs. We believe that each learner is unique, as are the objectives of each of our clients. We offer the most appropriate methods to achieve your goals. Our approach relies upon a unique combination of several recognized teaching methods.

Enjoy peace of mind, Groupe LDL will take care of everything

Groupe LDL offers a turnkey solution by taking care of all the steps in the process:

We are there for you throughout the process. With our rigorous approach, you can rest assured that your training budgets will be optimized.

Communicate Quickly and Effectively Through Active Learning

Studies show that most students remember only about 10% of what they read in a textbook but retain nearly 90% of what they learn by teaching it to others.

This is why we suggest that learners make short presentations of what they are learning. In this manner, and supported by the facilitator, students can develop their skills quickly. By the same token, conversation also mobilizes the concepts assimilated and allows the learner to put them into practice.

Our Promise

As a trusted partner, we are committed:

To the learner: to respecting your pace, your goals and your ambitions.
To our clients: to putting our expertise to work for you, so you can achieve your business objectives.

We believe that learning is a business development strategy. By working together, we can help your team and your company break down language barriers and reach new horizons.

Your partner for nearly 25 years

+ 180 companies have put their trust in us

Present in Canada, the United States and Europe

Averaging 1000 students per session

4 sessions per year

Satisfaction rating of 99 %

Contact us to help build your unique training plan.